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We are the Best Concrete Curb Cutting Contractors in Spokane, WA


Curb cutting is need when you want to cut concrete around entry ways, or lower driveway curbs, or remove a curb completely. Curb cutting can also be used to remove barrier walls on bridges or decks. If you are expanding your driveway, or you need a whole new driveway approach cut in then we are the concrete cutting company you need to call. 



curb cutting a road curb without leaving any excavation on the backside


We use special saws that can cut curbs horizontally to the street from the street side without requiring lots of excavation on the back side. A new residential approach can be cut in less than one hour and includes tapered cuts on the ends. People always ask us about our curb cutting for driveways, and we always do a great job!


Curb cutting requires a diamond tipped blade mounted to a riding power unit. The blade can reach over the back side of curb to cut at a bevel or can be cut flush with the road.

Our custom-built saws allow us to open most any curb so you can gain access. We use special sawing equipment that is innovative and a cost effective way of lowering or eliminating curbs. Our saw cuts off the top portion of the curb only and at any angle. 


  • Removing curb and barrier walls on bridge decks
  • Cutting curb around entry ways
  • Lowering driveway curbs
  • Curb Drains
  • Wall sawing bridge walls and sea walls
  • Residential approach
  • Handicap ramps



  • Every curb cut is smoothed out as if the curb was in fact poured that way.
  • We match the wings to the same length and angle as what is specified for your neighborhood.
  • The curb base is cut flat across while leaving a small lip for the water flow line.
  • Finally the entire curb cut is ground down to buff out and blemishes.


  • Eliminates the need for concrete demo, form setup and removal or pouring and curing new concrete.
  • Less time and less waste
  • Reduces days of costly, labor-intensive construction.
  • No re-pouring or repairing or shaping
  • Cuts taper at ends of driveway opening
  • Leaves smooth surface at taper and across cut area