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We are a full service Spokane concrete cutters company that specializes in everything that has to do with cutting concrete, core drilling, slab sawing, concrete wall sawing, wire sawing, hand sawing, egress window cutting, and removing concrete! We also provide services involving asphalt cutting in Spokane as well as asphalt removal!

We are precision cuts are exactly what you need. We have the best Spokane concrete cutters to get you job done right. We provide concrete and asphalt cutting and drilling for residential and commercial projects. We have a full range of concrete/asphalt cutting specialties and equipment.

If you’ve been searching for “concrete cutting near me” hopefully we are close enough to you to be able to help you with our high-qualifty work and affordable pricing!

What we can do for you!

  • Wall and curb cuts up to 24″ in depth, whether vertical OR horizontal
  • Slab cuts in concrete OR asphalt up to 18″ deep
  • Core Drilling from 1″ to 42″ in diameter
  • Concrete OR asphalt removal

We specialize in, but aren’t limited to Concrete Cutting, Core Drilling, Hand Sawing, Slab Sawing, Concrete Wall Sawing and Wire Sawing.


You have a lot of choices nowadays looking at the different concrete cutters in Spokane. There are lots of things you need to consider before making your decision. When looking for the right concrete cutter Spokane company that will do the job right make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured! So why choose us as your specifically?

We are:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured. 
  • Locally operated and owned
  • Always free estimates
  • High quality service and precision cuts
  • Will make your job a top priority at the time
  • Easy to work with anyone
  • High jobsite safety

Our dedication to concrete cutting in Spokane and surrounding areas such as concrete cutting in Spokane Valley and being one of the best concrete cutting companies has led to the integration of many high-tech tools and services that help customers save time and money. We takes great pride in our workmanship and we are dedicated to meeting customers’ needs.

We believe our team can handle any project whether we use a concrete saw, one of our state of the art cutting machines, or anything else, and that every project should also be performed in the safest manner, providing each employee with the proper tools needed for jobsite safety-first culture.


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We will be glad to hear from you soon! Let us help you and give you ideas on what kind of project you need accomplished. Whatever the purpose of your Spokane concrete cutting project, we take great pride in our finished product and customer satisfaction.

No matter how big or small your areas you wanted to cut or drill don’t hesitate to take advantage of the our concrete sawing package we have right now! Remember, we serve Spokane and Spokane Valley and all other surrounding areas!

About Spokane Washington

Spokane Washington is a town in Eastern Washington. There are many aspects of Spokane that are amazing.

There is a river that runs through downtown and there are many mountains and lakes that surround the area! 

Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and one of the main city hubs for the Inland Northwest.



Core Drilling is the method of drilling a wide variety of hard materials—including, but not limited to, asphalt and concrete—without vibration. Limiting the vibration ensures that nearby structures aren’t damaged in during the process of drilling. It’s dust-free and noise-free which system makes our core drilling the technique of choice.


With commercial and residential concrete sawing applications, we can provide horizontal curb cuts as well. We smooth out every curb cut and line up everything so it looks original! Our curb saw has the ability to cut horizontally through curbs and walls while remaining flush to the road, at any angle.


For residential applications, we can help cut out a whole in the wall for you egress window basement installation! We can cut your window to the exact dimensions you need with no over cuts into your foundation. Egress windows increase the safety and also increase the value of your home by adding safety conforming bedrooms, protecting your family from extreme emergencies.


Wall sawing is used to create square openings into concrete.Concrete and brick wall sawing allows for the seamless installation of door and window frames with no patching required. We can saw concrete, brick and block walls up using modern saws, specialty saws, chain and ring saws we can cut concrete much easier and achieve perfect penetrations with no over cutting if desired!


Concrete slab sawing (or flat sawing) is a quick and efficient method to cutting horizontal surfaces like concrete slabs, floors and pavement or asphalt. Slab sawing is quicker that jack hammering making it more versatile, practical, quieter, and cost efficient and saws are typically powered by diesel, gas, electric, or hydraulic engines.


Sawing concrete can get difficult, but with the state-of-the-art equipment that we use, it allows us to cut perfectly square inside corners and eliminate over cutting. We also use hand chainsaws in case your job cannot have any over cuts on an opening. Our chainsaws also can achieve perfectly square inside corner cuts.


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